• Expertise.  With expertise on both buy side and sell sides of acquisitions, Tribal Advisors is ready to steer your company through the whole M&A process.
  • Experience.  Our team has been involved in over 50 M&A, restructuring and spin off transactions, both as outside advisors and working internally for technology companies.  Our experience means we understand how technology acquirers look at opportunities, and the constraints they face and the drivers they value.
  • Breadth.  We use this knowledge to help you maximize your chances of a successful sale of your business. If you are considering acquiring a company but have no in-house M&A team, we can step in to source, analyze, negotiate financial and other key terms, and manage the due diligence process.  We also help our clients after an acquisition, by creating an actionable strategic plan to integrate their new business and team members into the client’s company.


  • Execution, not just advice!  The Tribal Advisors team has the experience to provide practical and actionable advice.  But more than that, we will be right there with you to get things done.

  • We’ve done it before. Our team is made up of professionals who have done everything from launching startups, to scaling private companies, to managing complex public company reorganizations. We have built successful teams, installed critical systems, and led companies to profitable exits. We understand agility, we appreciate frugality and we fight against mediocrity!

  • We walk the talk.  If we're giving you advice, we are taking it ourselves.  We follow our models as we scale our own business and build out our own team.  If you're working with a consulting company whose employees are less than passionate, why are you following their advice?  Think about it!

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