Business Modelling

People use the term “business modeling” in different ways.  While our team is versed in preparing Business Process Modeling Charts, our real value is not only in capturing your current business model but assessing its consequences on your growth and opportunities, and then suggesting modifications designed to help you achieve your specific goals.

We follow an agile and iterative approach in our business modeling projects.

  • We work with you to break down larger goals into smaller, specific deliverables
  • If not already done, we analyze and document relevant current processes
  • We assess how those processes are impacting the achievement of the specific deliverables
  • We propose incremental solutions to test and refine iteratively until a successful new model is reached
  • If you need us, we roll-up our sleeves and help you implement the new model across your organization.

We have experience implementing a broad array of change management initiatives, including

  • Developing and implementing an overarching strategic planning process
  • Implementing new sales models to capture additional product value
  • Scaling sales operations
  • Scaling business development operations
  • Scaling large scale event operations