Intellectual Property Strategy


Just like your products, your intellectual property is a strategic asset of your business. That’s why a strategic IP roadmap is just as important as a product roadmap. An effective IP roadmap not only helps in establishing a culture of innovation in your business, it also gives you important perspectives for strategic decision making, and it can set up your business so that one day your IP assets can become a profit center.

Technology Transactions

With our combination of technical skills and decades of experience negotiating technology transactions, we can support your business strategy throughout the deal life cycle — transaction strategy, opportunity assessment, transaction structure, negotiation, due diligence, execution, post-transaction integration and monitoring.

University Spin-Offs

If your company started off as a university spin-off, in addition to growing your business and building the right relationships for a successful exit, you also need to strike the best deal with your Tech Transfer Office. Tribal Advisors offers its services for

  • Patent licensing negotiations - working with Tech Transfer offices leveraging our deep background in technology and patent licensing

  • Acquisition negotiations - valuation, due diligence, deal structuring

  • Drive financials and legal negotiations to closure – working with your company, your acquirer, your tech transfer office, and all of their advisors