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Building a Company for a Successful Exit

Hosted by Silicon Valley Bank, 505 Howard St, 3rd Floor, San Francisco, CA 94105

On May 7, join Mona Sabet and Einat Meisel at Silicon Valley Bank for an in-depth workshop and engaging discussion on how to plan for a successful exit. We will discuss how this can impact your business strategy and growth, and enable you to optimize your exit opportunities.

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Mona Sabet at SXSW: Should You Sell Your Baby Unicorn?

Less than 1% of tech startups get VC funded beyond Series A. If you don’t fall in that very tiny bucket, should you just give up on your entrepreneurial dream? Not at all. There’s more than one way for a startup to reach a successful exit. Come to this panel to learn about alternative strategies for funding, growth and exits, and how acquirers think about buying startups. Our panel includes experts in alternative funding strategies, growth through partnering, and acquisitions.

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Mona Sabet at BOAST: Scale or Sale: How to Optimize Your Exit Opportunities

Despite what the tech media would have you believe, there’s more than one path to a successful outcome for early stage tech companies.

The questions you as a founder need to ask yourself are simple: what are you looking to get out of this (ad)venture? Do you measure “success” by how much money you make? Do you measure “success” by building a company that allows you to be your own boss? Do you measure “success” by bringing your products to the broadest market possible? Do you measure “success” by reaching a $200M+ annual recurring revenue target?

Your definition of success dictates the kind of business you are going to build and how, as well as your funding and exit strategy. The key math for you as a founder to do is figure out the best time to sell to achieve your, and your team’s, definition of success.

In this session, Silicon Valley M&A expert, Mona Sabet shares when to strategize about your exit opportunities, how to go about doing it, and what you need to take into consideration. Specifically she will cover:

– The lifecyle of a startup
– The yearn to scale
– When is the right time to start thinking about your exit
– Building the foundation to manage your flightpath
– Scale or sale considerations

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to Dec 22

Mona Sabet at American Bar Association: What Makes a Valuable IP Portfolio?

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Insights from Investor Diligence and M&A Perspectives

Description: Explore the value of an IP portfolio from a financing diligence, merger, and acquisition perspective to discover what IP strategies fuel deal drivers from deal killers. This program will discuss the types of portfolio assessments frequently performed by investors and acquirers, explore strategies for conducting diligence, and tips for preparing an IP presentation to investors/acquirers. In addition, panelists will further share their experiences with respect to IP representations, industry-specific IP diligence issues, and actionable tips for your next IP diligence.


  • Nena Bains, Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP, Menlo Park, CA


  • Mona Sabet, Tribal Ventures, Redwood City, CA
  • Kathleen Heffernan, Oracle Corporation, Redwood Shores, CA
  • Tim Jezek, Echostar Corporation, Germantown, MD
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