How We Work

Having the right network of experts to draw advice from can be the difference between success and failure of a new project, change initiative, or business.

We provide that network for companies selling or deploying technology products and projects. Each member in our network has a specific area of expertise. We connect you with that expert and together you determine how you want to structure your relationship.

Most of our experts sit on Boards of Advisors for early stage companies. Some also offer consulting services.

Our super powers kick in when you have a complex opportunity you need to build out that requires multiple connected areas of expertise. We’ll help you assess your needs and pull together an Advisory-Board-in-a-Box covering to bridge your critical expertise gaps at once. Because our network is built through real world relationships and business dealings, we already know how to work together, removing the risk of dysfunctional advisory team dynamics from the long list of risks you already need to manage.

The good news is you don't have to do it alone.

Who We Serve


Heads of Innovation

Change Management Consulting

Invention Capture and IP Value Extraction



Autonomous Driving Vehicles
Software and SAAS
Semiconductors and Systems
Industrial Tech