Sales Operations

For a start-up, it is critical to have a driven sales team that delivers consistent revenue growth in a repeatable, scalable and profitable manner. Yet very few startup execs spend enough time on sales planning - figuring out their sales strategy, coverage model, hiring plan, systems, and processes. And many make the mistake of deploying sales & marketing tools before deciding the business process that make these tools effective.

We work with startup execs to develop the building blocks of effective sales planning that are right-sized for your company. We work with you to build out a sales coverage model, to plan sales headcount and roles, to design effective sales compensation plans, and to build sales operations practices that can grow as you scale up your company.

We will assess, setup and help optimize your sales practices with emphasis on low overhead and high effectiveness covering


  • Sales coverage model - direct staffing, locations, channels, partners

  • Sales compensation plans and incentives

  • Sales enablement & training


  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) -, SugarCRM, Zoho, ...

  • Configure-Price-Quote - Apptus,, Oracle, ...

  • Legal T&Cs - Master Agreements, Contract T&Cs, Click-through terms, …


  • Quarterly & annual - quota planning and revenue forecasting

  • Deal flow streamlining - lead to cash

  • Sales compensation administration