Landscape Mapping

Thinking strategically about which companies to develop relationships with requires both a landscape analysis and a positioning analysis.   We help you make sure you have identified all the key players in your sector - not just your competitors, but your possible partners, ecosystem players and potential acquirers.  

What we do:

  • Identify & categorize your key market players

  • Identify & articulate company’s value drivers

  • Map value drivers against market landscape

  • Develop positioning statements for each category of market players

  • Use landscape map to better understand value of business from an acquirer’s point of view

What we deliver:

  • A landscape report showing the broad categories of companies that are relevant in your sector, how we classify them, and key information for each player

  • A set of positioning collateral mapped to different categories of companies in the landscape analysis

We use this work to help you build your strategic ecosystem relationships.