Exit Strategies

Our team has been involved in over 50 M&A, restructuring and spin off transactions, both as outside advisors and working internally for technology companies.  Our experience means we understand how technology acquirers look at opportunities, and the constraints they face and the drivers they value.  

Our advisory services cover the following areas:

Sourcing Prospects

Identify companies that may be potential M&A opportunities, categorize market players by their value drivers, and work with you to do targeted reach out.  See more information about our landscape mapping services.

Screening Prep

Prepare for due diligence – data room, collateral, value driver pitches, financials, contracts, customer analyses, forecasts etc.

Term Sheet Negotiation

Lead term sheet negotiations across business and legal terms including Pricing, Escrows Key employees, Survival of reps, Liabilities, Taxes, Cash etc.

Due Diligence Management

Manage the end to end due diligence process, working with target partners and you to prepare, review & analyze materials

Financial Forecasting

Develop detailed financials forecast models covering top-line, cost and cash flow

Deal Negotiation & Close

Negotiate all business and legal terms to ensure final closure of deal. Our goal is to minimize post-closing events and ensure term sheet tie-off

Integration Management

Define and drive governance structure to manage all aspects of integration post-acquisition to ensure effective and fast integration of the acquired assets


Tribal, was a great partner in this engagement helping us quickly and effectively assess the strategic, operational and customer fit of this acquisition.

- Brynne Kennedy, CEO, MOVE Guides

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“This deal would have been impossible to complete without your help! Thanks for all the hard work.” — ShadowMaps CEO