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“Mona has been an invaluable asset to our business. She asks tough questions, provides candid feedback and is absolutely hands on with execution. She is great at extracting order from the chaos of startup existence.” — Hyma Menath, Co-founder, Talking Cranes


“This deal would have been impossible to complete without your help! Thanks for all the hard work.” — ShadowMaps


“Tribal Advisors helped us multiply our effectiveness by learning how to be great together. What made their work with us particularly effective was how the combination of research in psychology and brain science with personal and corporate experience and practical advice that the team could take away and implement.” — EVP, Lifelock


 “Loren is a pleasure to work with and is not afraid to tell you what you need to hear. She provides expert advice and guidance that is effective, business focused and measurable. With her help, we improved our sales process and strategy by delving deeper into customer motivations, objections handling, and proposal development. In addition, Loren’s brain-based recruitment model helped us to implement a process for interviewing and recruiting top talent. These contributions and more have set us on the path to a 5x projected revenue growth this year.” — Nadia Hamilton President & Founder, Magnusmode


    “Mona was outstanding at facilitating our Board Offsite and guiding us to redefine our management and strategy for the next 3-year term. Her methodology for strategic planning combined with her understanding of team dynamics helped our Board focus on the organization’s points of differentiation and set priorities based on that focus. With Mona’s help, we were able to clearly define our strengths and create a realistic plan for execution.” — Elena V Elkina, Vice-Chair, WISP